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Introduction To Form Controls

Drop Down Boxes

Drop down or combo boxes are used when you need to pick one item from a very long list. They are called "drop down" boxes because they look like an edit box with an arrow pointing down on the right hand side. When they are opened, the list drops down. You need to turn focus mode on to use a drop down box. You can open a drop down box with just the down arrow, but it is better to use alt+down arrow. This is so that if it is the kind of drop down that automatically opens a new page based on your choice, it won't do this and take you somnewhere you don't want to go. Below are some drop down boxes for you to practice on.

Please choose your destination airport

What is your zodiac sign?

Choose your state:

So that is an introduction to drop down boxes. Click on the link below to practice.Take me to a practice form