Unit 1 test Review


Here is a list of the major commands you should know at this point. It is important that you know each command, and also that you understand any concepts involved with when and how it is used. If you do not know some of these commands, you can find them in the textbook pages for each unit. If a concept is unclear, donít hesitate to ask your instructor for help. It is recommended that you take notes on these commands before moving forward.


Reading text

Move left one character

Move right one character

Move left one word

Move right one word

Move up one line

Move down one line

Move up one paragraph

Move down one paragraph

Move to beginning of line

Move to end of line

Move to beginning of document

Move to end of document

Say all


Simple Editing

Delete character to the left of the cursor

Delete character to the right of the cursor

Select text

Copy text

Cut text

Paste text

Delete selected text

Undo previous action



Open start menu

Save a document

Close an application

Move between open applications

Go back to the previous folder in Windows Explorer

Find text in a document or web page

Find the next occurrence of the last searched for item.

Check the time

Say title bar



Move to next link or control

Move to next button

Move to next edit box

Move to next form control

Move to next heading

Move to next block of nonlinked text

Move to next check box

Click on a link

Open a combo box

Check a check box or radio button

Bring up list of links

Enter forms mode

Exit forms mode

Go to address bar

Refresh web page

Go back to the previous web page

Move down one cell in a table

Move left one cell in a table